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How Soon Should a Lady Say Yes to Man's Marriage Proposal?


How Soon Should a Lady Say Yes to Man's Marriage Proposal?

When should a lady say yes to a marriage proposal?

Sometimes love happens so quickly that your partner proposes a lot sooner than you may be ready for. This is perhaps the most delicate situation encountered in any marriage proposal because your partner could be crushed by anything other than a firm "Yes!" 

Still, no one should ever rush into marriage before both partners are completely sure they are doing the right thing. If you're not ready to say yes or no, you have to find the right way to say that you need more time.

A marriage proposal is a pivitol moment for any relationship since the futures of two people are set in motion by the answer to the question. Sometimes a woman can see that proposal coming and already knows how she wants to respond. In other cases, her partner might just catch her off guard with a surprise proposal. No matter how that proposal comes, it's important to think about your reply before you give an answer that is going to change your entire life.

Risks Associated with saying no to a Marriage Proposal:

You will feel hurt when you receive a marriage proposal rejection. Rejection is painful and causes an immediate withdrawal from the person passing out the letdown. It’s not okay to turn away from your partner because they’re not ready to walk down the aisle, especially if you want to maintain the relationship.

How Soon Should a Lady Say Yes to Man's Marriage Proposal?

Be clear on why you do not want to get married. It is perfectly OK to have a "gut feeling" that the marriage would not be successful and simply go on that. However, it is even better to be clear to yourself what your concerns are. If you're simply nervous about making such a big commitment (which is not uncommon) try reading the advice in How to overcome the fear of marriage. If you're concerned that you and your mate are not compatible in some way, it's important to address your worries as soon as possible, long before your partner gets down on their knee. Think about these aspects of the relationship in advance so you're prepared to have a serious conversation.

Other considerations when deciding whether or not to say yes to a marriage proposal:

The fairytale suggests that "yes, oh, yes!" is the only answer ever given to a proposal of marriage. But sometimes, marriage is not a good choice. There are many good reasons for rejecting a proposal: uncertainty that this is a solid marriage partner, not really knowing one another well enough, wondering if the person asking really means it, or that it is the timing is right. When it comes to a life decision, never say "yes" when you should say "no"; an honest response allows you both to make the best decision about the future.

How Soon Should a Lady Say Yes to Man's Marriage Proposal?

You need to think about your relationship, and in particular why you and your partner are not on the same page regarding marriage. It might be that turning down the proposal means that you will break up, so you should be prepared for this possibility. However, it may be that your partner wants to stay with you, but does not want to marry you (yet). In this case, it’s time to dig into the details.

Romantic love between two people is a wonderful experience. However, not all love stories have happy endings. In the film Titanic, Rosemary, the younger sister of protagonist Rose, played by 10-year-old Kate Winslet, chooses not to share the happiness of her siblings on the ship she designed. She later blames herself for her misgivings toward her fiancé, who proposed aboard the ship she would never live to see sink.

When Rosemary boards the ship to journey with her fiancé and his family, she may find it strange to accept her boyfriend's marriage proposal so far from home. However, she should do so because she loves him and believes he will be a great husband. She should also do so because she does not want to hurt him by turning him down- even though she cannot stomach the idea of marrying him. As the fictional character Matthew.

McConnaughey says in Titanic, 'A man may propose at any time- as long as he is sincere about his love for her.' In other words, a woman should always say yes to her fiancé's proposal if she truly loves him.

As the famous line goes in Titanic, 'All is lost, but / The spirit still is free.' While Rosemary and Jack Dawson share their wedding day free from the sinking ship that claimed her sister's life, their love story remains bittersweet. However, their tale does have a happy ending: Rosemary and Jack chose to look on the positive aspects of their relationship when considering whether or not to consummate their marriage. They were wise enough to acknowledge that they had suffered years of emotional abuse by their respective previous lovers and wives. They were strong enough to recognize that they would never be perfect together- but they remained devoted to one another until death did them part.

When two people decide to marry, it usually signifies that their bond is deep and true; thus, it is important for friends and family members to support the newlyweds as they learn to cope with their new relationship. Friends in particular should express support by making time for both new spouses- as well as by offering helpful advice on issues such as childcare or conflict resolution. Ultimately, supporting someone in your life - whether it be a friend or family member - can go a long way toward making that person happy and fulfilled.

Every couple faces unique challenges along their marital journey. However, couples who have learned how to persevere have a much happier time of it once they become parents. 

A man or woman who truly loves his partner should never hesitate to declare his intentions toward her with words or deeds. Not doing so undermines any potential love that he may have for his partner and stunts their growth as people in general.

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