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Uche Ogbodo weeps profusely as she slams critics over her relationship with Yul Edochie’s wives (Video)



Uche Ogbodo weeps profusely as she slams critics over her relationship with Yul Edochie’s wives (Video)

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has faced backlash for her relationship with colleague Yul Edochie's beautiful wives.

Many people were surprised when Yul Edochie announced the birth of his fifth child and his marriage to colleague Judy Austin months ago.

Uche Ogbodo has been a vocal supporter of the two wives since the news broke. The actress has left several flattering and encouraging comments on both wives' Facebook pages, which has enraged many internet users.

Uche Ogbodo weeps profusely as she slams critics over her relationship with Yul Edochie’s wives (Video)

Uche Ogbodo blasted her trolls and critics on Instagram live.

The actress sobbed as she revealed how trolls have been targeting her and her man. Uche Ogbodo spoke about the difficulties she faced as a single mother.

“I will not stop suddenly because you are who? Who is your papa? Are you mad? If I see picture, I like, I will comment. You look yourself in the mirror and think you can tell me what to do? You even go as far as tagging my man.

I have been a single mother for years, I they struggle, God save me, he brought me happiness, that happiness they kill una, that happiness they pepper una. When I was pregnant, you all cursed me, wished me evil, said my boyfriend will dump me, but he didn’t and now you all want to die”....she said.

Her outburst comes just hours after she revealed juicy details about actor Yul Edochie's new wife, Judy Austin.

Uche was chastised for leaving a flattering comment on Judy Austin's page while also encouraging May Yul Edochie as she navigated her relationship.

Uche Ogbodo dragged her colleagues as she spilled juicy details about their affair in response to the backlash.

Uche stated that she was not a hypocrite because she loved the two ladies. She called her coworkers "true chameleons" for remaining silent during Yul and Judy Austin's 6-year relationship.

Uche Ogbodo clarified that while she sympathizes with May, she will not be able to inherit enemies.

“On a second tot I recon I had to come back to this. First off I’m not a hypocrite but a true one man soldier who stands on truth regardless of any ones pain of displeasure! Y’all true chameleons are all those Nollywood people who knew that this relationship has been ongoing for the past 6 years but never mentioned it to May till it was too late now they are taking sides. Me I am true to myself and will remain so! In as much as I sympathize with May on her pain, I will not inherit enemies. Everyone created by God is Human and I have no power to judge anyone. I will continue to be friends with all the parties involved till they find a peaceful ground. Fuck y’all haters! God bless the Edochies”.

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