Friday, October 29, 2021

Na by Force to Marry!!🙆 Delta Policeman Kills Girlfriend for Turning Down his Proposal


 A Nigerian Policeman residing in Delta state has been arrested for killing his long time girlfriend for turning down proposal after finding out that he was married with a child.

According to report, Mr. Bishop Eno has been dating the victim for over five years now.

However, their relationship took another turn after the unknown lady found out that he was married with a child which led to her refusing his marriage proposal.

Bishop Eno, reportedly requested a refund of N1.5 million he spent opening a shop for the lady which she agreed to do.

But, Bishop Eno visited the lady in the evening with his colleagues and shot her dead before she could do the refund as promised.

Is this not juju 😁🙆 no be by force to marry oooo 😁.


Author: verified_user