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"When I was 9 years old, I looked at the stars and told myself I'll blow" James Brown says as he recounts going from prison to fame

 The crossdresser, James Brown is reminiscing on his life as he celebrates his birthday.

The transgender took to Instagram to share new photos of himself while going down memory lane.

James Brown recounts vowing as a child that he will "blow" someday and being arrested with others at a party, said to be a gay gathering.

He revealed that it was while he was being paraded that he became famous because of a hilarious statement he made at the time, denying the accusations brought against him and the others.

He further said that "They didn't caught me... There was no caught," he said at that time because he denied being homosexual.

James concluded by saying that he's now been famous for three years and he's proud of the lives he has touched during that time.

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