Tuesday, February 14, 2023

SDP’s Prince Adewole Pays Tribute to Dan Suleiman



SDP’s Prince Adewole’s Pays Tribute to Dan Suleiman


It is evident that our culture continues to adhere to the unhealthy custom of concealing all the excellent

deeds, actions, and omissions until after the main character has died. This is undoubtedly true of the late Air Commodore Dan Suleiman, a man who not only defended the nation while he was alive but also fought against its adversaries right up until the moment of his death.

Late Suleiman was a man of destiny, having traversed many pedestals of human challenges and terrains.

He was a committed and unrepentant Nationalist who believed in the unity of our dear country.

As a military officer, he was arguably the best fighter pilot the country has ever produced.

He fought to preserve the unity of the country during the civil war and up until his passing, he directed his daily activities toward fostering that unity.

An astute leader who served the country meritoriously, only to be forced into an exile for opposing subsequent military dictatorships.

The climax and eloquent testimony to Dan Suleiman’s singular and enduring contributions to the development of Nigeria’s democracy was the roles he played as one of the founding fathers of SDP and NADECO leader.

He was a great democrat who fought and defended our democracy with everything he had. We at the Social Democratic Party (SDP) are proud to associate with him as one of our founding fathers.

His selfless services are worthy of emulation and we are proud to be associated with his efforts. All by a dint of hard work, devotion, vision and perseverance, the great Commodore successfully transmogrified from a military leader into an unrepentant democrat cum quintessential political leader.

Air Commodore Dan Suleiman was a devout Christian with a mixed trait of the spirit of a Christlike character.

It is to his eternal credit that he used religion as a tool in fostering national unity. His life

was a true example that one need not be an elected official to be relevant to one’s community or nation.

He had in his kitty, the feelings of care and empathy for the wellbeing of others. He was not only a devout Christian, he was also famed in other admirable human endeavour and pursuits.

A closer look at the other side of him depicts a God fearing, committed and dedicated leader. He was intellectually inquisitive and most times compassionate, indefatigable, hospitable, well-meaning, resourceful, egalitarian, charismatic, detribalised, conscientious and philanthropic to a fault.

Until his last day on earth, his love for Nigeria never waned. His passion for defending the country was consistent and extraordinary. It was not his profession that made his life remarkable or significant.

On the contrary, it was his undying love towards the country.

Beyond Nigeria, late Dan Suleiman touched the lives of numerous people across the globe. He was a very generous and sympathetic personality who was always moved at the slightest spectacle of human suffering and pangs.

Late Dan Suleiman was an immensely profound philosopher. His thoughts and contributions to our political discourse are still as incisive, provoking and thoughtful as they are, when he was still alive.

They are fountain of knowledge that our generation of aspiring leaders should drink from.

As the Social Democratic Party’s flagbearer, I have made the personal decision to pick up the baton left by Dan Suleiman. It is now our duty to make sure that Air Commodore Dan Suleiman’s efforts to strengthen Nigeria’s unity for sustainable development, revive our economy and combat insecurity,usher in 24-hour electricity across the nation, restore confidence in government through transparent governance and equity, and provide free and high-quality education were not in vain.


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