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Abba Kabir Yusuf Vs APC: Coalition Of Yoruba Groups Tasks Supreme Court On Review Of Guber Case

Abba Kabir Yusuf Vs APC: Coalition Of Yoruba Groups Tasks Supreme Court On Review Of Guber Case


Abba Kabir Yusuf Vs APC: Coalition Of Yoruba Groups Tasks Supreme Court On Review Of Guber Case

A Coalition of SouthWest Groups, under its umbrella body, the Coalition Of The Yoruba Youth Network (YYN), comprising the South West Blossom Brigade (SBB), the Odua Youth Frontiers (OYF), the Yoruba Youth Empowerment Forum (YYEF), the Voice Of Yoruba Youths (VOYY), the Odua Progressive People Assembly (OPPA) and no fewer than fourteen other youth organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) have reacted to the Court of Appeal judgment on the Kano State governorship election petition between Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and the All Progressives Congress (APC) as it relates to the integrity of the Nigerian Justice System. 

The Coalition urged the Supreme Court of Nigeria, as the highest judicial authority in the country, to exercise its responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the judiciary by thoroughly reviewing the case. 

They noted that “by conducting a thorough review of these rulings, the Supreme Court can demonstrate its commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all.”

At a world press conference in Lagos, South West of Nigeria, the groups insisted that it will be detrimental to the principle of justice and democracy in the country. 

Speaking on behalf of the Coalition of Southwest Groups, Comrade Razak Olukayode, argued that a similar situation in Osun State, as presented itself in the Kano State governorship election petition, did not lead to the nullification of the election of Senator Ademola Adeleke. 

He said, “This coalition of Southwest groups is deeply concerned about recent controversial Appeal Court rulings on the Kano State Governorship election, which has raised serious questions about the integrity of Nigeria's justice system. 

“We wish to caution against compromising the nation's judiciary and emphasize the importance of maintaining its independence, transparency, and integrity. 

“In the case of the Kano Governorship election, the ruling of the Court of Appeal has raised doubts about the fairness of the nation's judiciary and the legitimacy of the electoral process. 

“This ruling severely jeopardizes the expected role of the judiciary as the cornerstone of democracy and justice in any nation.

“We observe that the Court of Appeal decision in the Kano case of Abba vs APC has deviated from established principles of electoral jurisprudence regarding the issue of nomination and sponsorship, which falls under the exclusive purview of pre-election matters. 

“Various judicial authorities, including the recent Peter Obi v INEC case, have emphasized that only the Federal High Court has jurisdiction to adjudicate over nomination issues”, the Coalition said. 

According to the groups, the “Tribunal in the Abba vs APC case correctly stated that nomination is a pre-election matter but could not make a pronouncement on the issue due to lack of jurisdiction. 

“We highlight the injustice of upholding the Tribunal's decision to nullify 166,000 votes from the tally of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in favour of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and sacking the incumbent governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf. 

“The Appeal Court's decision to uphold the nullification of such a significant number of votes without proper justification undermines the democratic fabric of the nation and raises questions about the impartiality of the judiciary.

“The decision to nullify 166,000 votes from the NNPP's tally in the Kano governorship election raises questions about the consistency and fairness of their judgments. In this case, the court cited irregularities and non-compliance with electoral laws as the basis for nullifying the votes”, the Coalition added .

They further argued, however, that “it is essential to note that similar irregularities were present in the case of Governor Adeleke, where the Court of Appeal ruled against nullifying votes. 

“By nullifying votes that were deemed to be irregular in Kano, the court fails to address the contradiction in its ruling in the case of Governor Adeleke, where similar irregularities were present but not nullified. 

“This inconsistency in applying legal principles undermines the principle of equal treatment before the law and raises doubts about the court's impartiality.

“Furthermore, the controversies surrounding the discrepancies between the judgment read out by the court and the content of the Certified True Copy of the Judgment in the Kano governorship election raise serious doubts about the transparency and integrity of the judicial process. 

“These discrepancies have led to confusion and speculation among the public, further eroding public trust in the judiciary.

“While it is necessary to ensure that political parties adhere to electoral guidelines, the decision to upturn the entire election in Kano raises questions about the legitimacy of the democratic process.

“Arguably, this ruling undermines the people's right to choose their leaders and places excessive power in the hands of the judiciary. This controversy highlights the need for a balance between upholding the rule of law and respecting the democratic will of the people”, they further stated. 

The contradictions in the Court of Appeal's decisions, they said, “highlight the need for a comprehensive review of the electoral laws and the judicial process. It sets a dangerous precedent for future elections. 

“Nullifying the Kano votes and allowing those of Osun without clear and consistent legal reasoning can lead to a loss of public trust in the judiciary and the electoral process. 

“Moreover, it opens the door for potential abuse of power, as political actors may exploit these inconsistencies to manipulate election outcomes. 

“The court's role should be to provide clarity and consistency in interpreting and applying the law, rather than contributing to confusion and uncertainty. 

“The controversies surrounding these rulings also raise questions about the accuracy and reliability of the court's decision-making process, suggesting a lack of attention to detail and procedural irregularities. This further erodes public confidence in the judiciary.

“We emphasize the need for a review of these rulings to ensure that justice is served and the rule of law is upheld. By reevaluating the evidence and legal arguments presented, the Supreme Court can rectify any potential errors made by the Court of Appeal, thereby restoring public faith in the judiciary.

“The review of the Court of Appeal rulings on the Kano governorship elections is not only necessary to rectify potential errors but also to reclaim the threatened integrity of the judiciary. 

“The credibility and impartiality of the judiciary are fundamental to the functioning of a democratic society, as they ensure that citizens have confidence in the legal system.

“The Supreme Court, as the highest judicial authority in Nigeria, has the responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the judiciary. By conducting a thorough review of these rulings, the Supreme Court can demonstrate its commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all. 

“By rectifying any potential errors and ensuring that justice is served, the Supreme Court can reaffirm its commitment to upholding the rule of law and maintaining the principles of justice and fairness within the Nigerian democratic system.

The judiciary should exercise caution and impartiality when making decisions that impact the democratic process.

“In conclusion, we urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to act as a true statesman and renowned democrat by upholding the principles of separation of powers, particularly the independence of the judiciary. 

“By allowing the free, fair, and uninterrupted application of justice, President Tinubu will demonstrate his commitment to the rule of law and ensure the continued strength of Nigeria's democratic institutions. It is crucial for him to avoid any interference with the course of justice, keeping in mind that he himself has benefited from fair judicial adjudication.

“Interference with the course of justice poses a significant threat to the principles of separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary. Such interference can lead to a compromised justice system, eroding public trust and undermining the rule of law. 

“President Tinubu must be cautious not to allow his name to be smeared in the dirty game of interference, as it would not only tarnish his reputation but also weaken the democratic fabric of the nation”, the Yoruba groups argued.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Northern Elders Lambast Nigerian Judiciary Over Elections Petition Verdicts

Northern Elders Lambast Nigerian Judiciary Over Elections Petition Verdicts


Northern Elders Lambast Nigerian Judiciary Over Elections Petition Verdicts

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has said that it is deeply worried about the current state of affairs within the Nigerian judiciary, describing the current trends of verdict emanating from the elections petition courts as a significant threat to the country's democracy. 

In a press statement, NEF's Convener, Professor Ango Abdullahi, stressed the need for the judiciary to be cautious in its actions to prevent the erosion of its integrity, public trust, and confidence. 

Professor Abdullahi expressed dismay at the controversies surrounding several recent judicial decisions, particularly those concerning elections. Such occurrences, he noted, are disheartening and pose a significant threat to the future of democracy in Nigeria. 

"The potential consequences of these actions may ultimately validate the concerns raised by Retired Supreme Court Judge Dajjito Mohammed in his valedictory remarks about corruption and undue compromises within the judiciary. 

“The Northern Elders Forum recognizes the importance of a fair and impartial judiciary in upholding the rule of law and safeguarding democratic principles. 

“The judiciary plays a critical role in ensuring justice, protecting citizens' rights, and preserving the credibility of the electoral process. Any actions that compromise these principles undermine the very foundation of any democratic nation," Professor Abdullahi said. 

NEF, therefore, called on all levels of the judiciary to uphold the highest ethical standards and maintain impartiality in their decision-making processes. 

It urged judges to exhibit unwavering integrity and resilience when adjudicating cases, especially those pertaining to elections.

Professor Abdullahi expressed concerns about “the current trend that poses a threat of imminent judicial collapse has numerous Implications for constitutional democracy.” 

The trend, he said, poses a significant threat to the judiciary, the institution responsible for upholding constitutional democracy. 

He argues that if this trend continues, the nation risks descending into total anarchy. 

"The judiciary plays a crucial role in sustaining constitutional democracy by ensuring the rule of law, protecting individual rights, and providing checks and balances on the other branches of government. 

However, if the judiciary fails to fulfill its responsibilities, it can have severe implications for the stability and functioning of a democratic society. 

"The current trend may encourage politicians to view politics as a do-or-die affair. When the judiciary fails to effectively adjudicate disputes and hold politicians accountable for their actions, it creates an environment where politicians feel emboldened to engage in corrupt practices, abuse their power, and disregard the principles of democracy. This erosion of trust in the judiciary can lead to a breakdown of democratic norms and values, ultimately undermining the legitimacy of the political system. 

"Furthermore, a collapsing judiciary jeopardizes the safeguarding of constitutionalism, which is the cornerstone of any democratic society. The judiciary acts as the guardian of the constitution, ensuring that laws and policies adhere to the principles enshrined within it. Without a functioning judiciary, there is a risk of constitutional violations going unchecked, leading to the erosion of citizens' rights and freedoms. This can result in a loss of public confidence in the democratic process, as citizens may feel that their voices are not being heard or that their rights are being trampled upon," he said. 

Professor Abdullahi therefore warned that only through a robust and functioning judiciary can Nigeria truly safeguard its democratic values and prevent the descent into anarchy. 

"The fairness and transparency of the judicial system are vital for fostering public trust, confidence, and belief in the democratic process," Abdullahi said. 

The Northern Elders Forum also urges relevant authorities to conduct thorough investigations into any allegations of corruption and undue compromise within the judiciary. Any substantiated claims should be swiftly prosecuted, serving as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to taint the judiciary's reputation. 

"NEF believes that the judiciary should be an unbiased and independent arm of government, which is essential to the success of democracy and it should not be seen as compromising the integrity of its decisions particularly at a time when the nation is grappling with a range of challenges. 

"NEF therefore calls on the judiciary to consider the consequences of its actions and decisions, and strive to uphold the rule of law in all its activities to justify the confidence reposed on it by Nigerians. 

The NEF then called on the “public to remain vigilant in as to the direction the nation's judiciary is headed and not to hesitate to expose any perceived misconduct on the part of the judiciary. 

"It is our firm belief that a strong and incorruptible judiciary is crucial for the development and progress of our great nation. The Northern Elders Forum, alongside other concerned stakeholders, will continue to closely monitor the conduct of the judiciary and advocate for its ethical revitalization to safeguard the interests of all Nigerians," the Northern Elders said.

Political Parties And The Challenges Of Democracy In Nigeria; High Chief Peter Ameh

Political Parties And The Challenges Of Democracy In Nigeria; High Chief Peter Ameh


Political Parties And The Challenges Of Democracy In Nigeria; High Chief Peter Ameh

Democratic governance in every clime cannot be said to be totally rosy, while some are faced minor problems, some are battling with major challenges, depending on the political climate local to each clime, posing threat to its democracy.

Since democracy is an involvement of the citizenry in their state political processes and other accompanied democratic practices, the place of political parties cannot be overemphasized; and this write up will therefore address key concepts like political parties, democracy, credible elections, and challenges of democratic governance in Nigeria and the ways and manners these challenges which are fundamental roadblocks to the Nigerian democracy can be addressed.

What is a political party?

In every democratic environment, political parties are always the same although with different ideologies and programmes. A political Party simply put is an assembly of citizens with the same aspiration and interest to capture power and govern in the best interest of the people. In a multi-party democracy like ours, Political Parties are grounds where different interests of citizens are articulates and aggregated and structured into electoral choice as an active participants in political process of their nation, which is the ultimate reason of their coming together as a political party.

Functions of a Political Party:

1. Government and political recruitment

2. Interest articulation and aggregation.

3. Political communication and education.

4. Goal formation

5. Link between government and people.

6. Structuring of electoral choice.

7. Political representation of the electorates in the best possible way.

8. Making government accountable.

With above enumerated functions of a political party, it is obvious no democracy can be said to be a democracy without Political Parties.


According to Wikipedia, Democracy (Greek: demokratía, literally "rule by people") is a form of government in which the people have the authority to choose their governing legislation. Going further, it also said "who people are and how authority is shared among them are core issues for democratic development and constitution.

A democracy is either direct or representative. In Nigeria, we practice a representative democracy where Nigerians elect their representatives who are to deliberate and execute decisions on their behalf on key constitutional issues, definable developments, freedom of their assembly and speech, inclusiveness and equality, membership, consent, electoral justice, right to life and majority and minority rights.

Democracy can best be expressed practically in these ways below:

Freedom of ethnic, religion, racial and other minority groups as well as historically excluded majorities to practice their religion culture, and to participate equally in a social and political life.

Right of all adult citizens to vote and run for office if they meet the requirements.

Openness and competition in electoral arena enabling any group that adheres to constitutional issues to contest for office.

Legal equality of all citizens under a rule of law in which the laws are publicly known, clear, universal, stable and non- retroactive.

An independent judiciary to neutrally, consistently, independently applies the law and protect individuals' card and rights.

Due process of law and freedom of individual's torture, terror, and unjustified detention, exile or interference in personal life by the: state and non- state actors.

Institutional checks on the powers of the elected officials by an independent legislature, court system and continuous agencies.

Real pluralism in term of the presence of institutions that enables people to canvass their views.

Also include control over the state fund and security agencies, for the benefit of all citizens.


No democracy can thrive without people-powered mandate surrendered through elections. Hence, the need for free, fair and credible elections, for foundation, expansion and deepening of democracy at all given times.

Below are few nexus between elections and democracy.

Institutionalization: Elections help to institutionalize the process of democratic competition and participation by creating a legal administrative framework for handling and providing a platform for proper backing of candidates and policies, through rights of eligible adults to vote and be voted for.

Legitimization: Elections are instruments of legitimizing a government, having enjoyed majority support from the citizens to have power and authority to form government.

Mobilization: Election are used in democracy to mobilize popular support for government and development in a competitive fashion

Conviction: Opportunity to participate in election helps to convince citizens that government is responsive to their needs and wants, which indirectly increases it legitimacy

Responsiveness: Elections in democracy bring out responsive attitudes in government. Because if they act otherwise, the citizens will use election to remove them from power, thereby delegitimizing the power and authority vested in the government.

Education: Elections in democracy are another vital avenue for educating the masses. It is another democratic utility of election, where voters are educated on how their part of democracy, governments and how they are the only ones permitted to put in place, keep and change governments and policies at any election period.

Power: Elections empowers ordinary citizens to choose among contestants to public offices. Allows active citizens to shape and reshape their government.

Accountability: Elections are vital tool for development in a democracy. A credible election allows the citizens to hold the governments accountable; and allows offices holders to be caution that sovereignty resides in the people.

Sovereignty: Election resides sovereignty in the people, free, fair and credible elections are the sole means of effective positioning of sovereignty in the land in the people.

 Political Participation: Elections in democracy allow and provide grounds for citizens to fully participate politically in the democracy of their land.


As important and germane as democracy is to every nation, it cannot be Said to be without its challenges, and this also includes its practice in Nigeria.

These challenges are encountered at the foundational, expansion and deepening levels.

Foundational Challenges:

1. Socioeconomic inequality (only money bags can vie or those they sponsor).

2. Ethno-religiosity.

Expansion Challenges:

1. Electoral insecurity (because politics is lucrative)

2. Interference in electoral process (because of appointive powers of political stakeholders)

3. Rigging.

Deepening Level:

1. Corruption (because of access to state funds)

2. Parties internal democracy.

3. resource allocation rivalry. Etc


Political parties being the only vehicle or link between the people of Nigeria and their form of democratic environment and participation, successes and challenges of democracy cannot also be far-fetched from these important platforms which are recruitment grounds for those who are to represent the people in the democratic assembly.

While political parties cannot be totally whole, these bodies have been striving to be at least ideal, but the political environment as was laid down from the foundation has been making it difficult for this to be achieved accordingly.

Nigeria came back to democracy in 1999 without the citizens owning the political parties, and this till today has created the socio-economic inequality in getting people elected into positions (since only money bags who are the owners of the parties can vie or those they sponsor).

Nigeria is also yet to recover from the way it came into democracy right from the first republic. In the first republic, we have parties like Northern Elements Progressive Union, NEPU, founded in Kano on 8 August 1950 and thereby became the first political party in Northern Nigeria solely for northerners; the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons, NCNC, which became largely identified with Igbo interests and Action Group founded by Awolowo and his associates which also became the dominant party of the Western Nigeria then.

These ethnic or religious biases that set in right from time is yet to be wholly dealt with as we can see from our experiences.

In a bid to feign expansion of our democracy, we have been engaging in electoral insecurity. Politics became so or die because it is lucrative.

We have times without number recorded political interference with our electoral process from those with appointive powers; to the extent the late president Umar Yar'Adua admitted the election that brought him in was not free, fair and credible.

At the deepening level, access to state fund by members and structures of ruling parties is a great challenge to political parties in general both ruling and in opposition and this has led to resource allocation rivalry etc.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The above itemized challenges are what have posed a major threat to democracy in Nigeria, and by extension affecting involvement of the citizens of Nigeria in the state political processes and other democratic practices of their land. I thereby recommend.

Recommendations for the review of our Country’s Electoral System; 

1.The establishment of a new method of appointing Member of the Nigerian election management body (EMB) from the whims and caprices of the President of the Federal Republic in order to give the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) the status of a truly independent National Electoral Commission.

2, The unbundling of Independent National Electoral Commission INEC as fellows;

i) Election management Body (IBM) (Solely responsible for the conduct of elections and nothing more)

ii) Election and related offenses commission 

iii) Political Party registration and management commission

3) Election Disputes constitutional Complaints Commission.

The regular Judiciary should have nothing to do with electoral disputes. We need a Constitutional Court or Constitutional Commission just as we have the Electoral Commission. Most disciplined Judges would be elated through a thorough and rigorous process to get rid of the nuisance of dealing with corrupt politicians that are bent on destroying our Electoral jurisprudence.

4, burden of proof should be placed on the Commission to show how they arrived at announcing a winner for the election by making sure that all results sheets are available within 5 working days after the declaration of a winner. 

5. All election must be conducted in one day to get rid of the Bandwagon effect after the announcement of the winner of the Presidential contest. 

6. Reduce the time frame for hearing and conclusion of electoral litigation to 60 days and ensure that no swearing in takes place until all litigation relating to the election under review are concluded and judgement entered.

High Chief Peter Ameh,

Former National Chairman inter-Party Advisory Council of Nigeria. (IPAC)

Thursday, November 9, 2023

All CBN Issued Banknotes Remain Legal Tender, Says Apex Bank, Reassures Of Adequate Supply Old/New Naira Notes

All CBN Issued Banknotes Remain Legal Tender, Says Apex Bank, Reassures Of Adequate Supply Old/New Naira Notes


All CBN Issued Banknotes Remain Legal Tender, Says Apex Bank, Reassures Of Adequate Supply Old/New Naira Notes

Nigeria's apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reiterated that old and redesigned notes issue by it remains legal tender and must not be rejected by anyone in the country. 

This was contained in a statement issued by the Director, Corporate Communications, at the CBN, Dr. Isa AbdulMumin. 

The CBN also reassured Nigeria residents that there are sufficient cash stocks in all locations across the country for normal economic activities. 

According to the statement, the CBN was reacting to reports of a scarcity of cash across some major cities in the country despite assurances of sufficient cash stocks in all locations across the country. 

The CBN's spokesperson, equally noted that there have also been reports of anxiety among some members of the public over the legality or otherwise of old Naira banknotes. 

“For the avoidance of doubt, while reiterating that there are sufficient banknotes across

the country for all normal economic activity, we wish to state unambiguously that

every banknote issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) remains legal tender and should not be rejected by anyone, as stipulated in Section 20(5) of the CBN Act, 2007.

“Accordingly, branches of the CBN across the country have been directed to continue

to issue different denominations of old and redesigned banknotes in adequate quantities to deposit money banks (DMBs) for onward circulation to bank customers. 

“We wish to restate that all denominations of banknotes issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) remain legal tender. 

“In line with Section 20(5) of the CBN Act, 2007, no one should refuse to accept the Naira as a means of payment. 

“Consequently, members of the public are advised to accept all CBN-issued banknotes currently in circulation and guard against panic withdrawals”, the apex bank stated. 

The CBN then reaffirmed that “there is sufficient stock of currency notes to facilitate normal economic activities.

“Furthermore, to reduce the pressure on the use of physical cash, members of the public are again advised to continue to embrace alternative modes of payment”, the CBN said.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Bash Ali Supporters To Host Africa's Biggest Boxing Support Championship Concert in Abuja

Bash Ali Supporters To Host Africa's Biggest Boxing Support Championship Concert in Abuja


Bash Ali Supporters To Host Africa's Biggest Boxing Support Championship Concert in Abuja

The supporters of Bashiru Lawrence Ali, who is best known as Bash Ali, under the aegis of the Bash Ali Fans Club of Nigeria (BAFCON), are set to host what they described as the loudest concert in Africa tagged ‘Shock D World Concert’. 

Bash Ali, the Cruiserweight Boxing Champion of African descent, holds the title as the only World Cruiserweight Champion who has never been defeated. 

According to the organisers, the Shock D World Concert is scheduled for December 8, 2023, at the VIP Lounge of the MKO Abiola National Stadium, Abuja.

The concert will feature notable Nigerian artists such as Bongos Ikue, Onyeka Owenu, Stella Monye, and 2face Idibia fondly called 2baba, among others. 

The President of BAFCON, Comrade Dickson Ayorinde Oshin, in a statement issued on Tuesday, stated that the concert is part of BAFCON's commitment to promoting the staging of a Guinness World Record Fight, an international bout between Bash Ali and a foreign challenger. 

He noted that the purpose of the Shock D World Concert is to raise awareness about Bash Ali's life, work, and achievements. 

He added that the proposed Guinness Book World Boxing Project, a world boxing title fight, is expected to attract foreign investments to the country and will be televised live across the world. 

If Bash Ali wins the Guinness World Record fight in Nigeria, he will become the oldest boxer in the world to win a world title.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Group Demands Sack Of Mele Kyari, Probe Of Allegations Of Monumental Corruption Entrenched In NNPCL Under His Leadership

Group Demands Sack Of Mele Kyari, Probe Of Allegations Of Monumental Corruption Entrenched In NNPCL Under His Leadership


Group Demands Sack Of Mele Kyari, Probe Of Allegations Of Monumental Corruption Entrenched In NNPCL Under His Leadership

The Mega National Movement For Good Governance (MNMGG) has demanded the immediate sack of the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL)  

The group, which consists of a coalition of 19 youth groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civil society organisations (CSOs), equally demanded the probe of allegations of monumental corruption entrenched in NNPCL under his leadership. 

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, the Spokesperson of the Spokesperson Mega National Movement, Ibrahim Tijani, said the group is deeply concerned about the instability of the prices of petroleum products, resulting from the somersault in policies. 

Group Demands Sack Of Mele Kyari, Probe Of Allegations Of Monumental Corruption Entrenched In NNPCL Under His Leadership

Listing the sins of the NNPCL’s GCEO, the group said there was lack of due process in the appointment of Engr Mele Kyari, accusing him of failure to remit revenues to the Federation Account, and inconsistency. 

The movement said, they are also saddened by the sudden scarcity of fuel in particularly the Federal Capital and other major cities and towns that was fueled by the intention of the Independent Petroleum Marketers of Nigeria (IPMAN) to hike fuel prices within the week. 

“We are worried also by the mounting allegations of fraud, embezzlement, and corruption within the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) since the appointment of Engr Mele Kyari as Group Chief Executive Officer. 

“As a coalition of patriotic groups, we have identified allegations of significant

irregularities within the NNPCL, including fuel subsidy scams, under-remittance of oil

sales revenue, corruption, shady pipeline surveillance contracts, and oil theft. 

“These issues have had a collective detrimental effect on the majority of Nigerians, while benefiting only a few greedy individuals, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, and fraudulent accounting practices. These actions not only undermine the company's financial stability but also have far-reaching consequences for stakeholders and the overall economy.

“Among the numerous cases of financial impropriety against Kyari is the deduction of N2.1 trillion from the monthly revenue of NNPC, which was not remitted to the Federation Account. 

“Additionally, Kyari is believed to be responsible for the supply of adulterated or bad fuel that entered the country in 2022, causing damage to many vehicle engines and generators. 

“These allegations of massive corruption and fraudulent diversion of billions of dollars to personal and cronies' accounts must be thoroughly investigated, and Kyari should be prosecuted if found guilty”, the coalition lamented. 

On lack of due process and transparency in Kyari’s appointment, the movement said, “We would like to highlight that the appointment of Engr. Mele Kyari as GCEO of

NNPCL did not follow due process as enshrined in the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). 

“Considering that NNPCLrecently transitioned to a private company in line with the Petroleum Industry Act (PIAAct, 2021), it is no longer allowed to have recourse to state funds. 

“Its shares and assets, including oil blocks and refineries, are now held by the Ministries of Petroleum and Finance. 

“However, NNPCL has failed to operate as a Joint Production Venture (JPV) with Western Oil Majors (WOM), as required by law. 

“Furthermore, the NNPCL has not been transparent in publishing it's crude contracts and statements of accounts under Engr. Mele Kyari's leadership”, the group alleged. 

Picking holes in NNPCL’s remittances to the Federation Account, the group recalled that “In 2022, Kyari and the NNPC management failed to remit any funds to the Federation Account for seven consecutive months. 

“Despite Nigeria recording N16 trillion in oil sales during that year, the NNPC did not make any remittances. This lack offinancial responsibility is unacceptable and raises serious questions about the management of the company's revenues. 

“Kyari must explain how these funds were spent and provide transparency (sic) regarding the companies that received

subsidy payments”, the Coalition demanded. 

Insisting on the restoration of transparency and accountability in NNPCL, the group stated that “As concerned and patriotic citizens, we believe that the government should be interested in knowing the true nature of NNPCL's oil production contracts and remittances to the Federation

Account, as well as the transparency of pipeline surveillance contracts awarded by the NNPCL in line with global best practices. 

“We had expected the President Tinubu administration to insist on the implementation of the PIA or the PIB Act, not only to sack and probe Engr. Mele Kyari but also other key figures in the NNPCL, such as the Executive Vice President (Upstream), Adokiye Tombomieye, Managing Director Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), Ali Muhammad Zahra, and the Director National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NPIMS), Bala Wunti. 

“This comprehensive action is necessary to clcan up the corruption and decay within the

NNPCL”, the group observed. 

Frowning at inconsistencies in Governnent actions, the movement noted that “It is unfortunate that Engr. Mele Kyari, who allegedly shortchanged every Nigerian through under-remittance to the Federation has been allowed to remain in charge of the NNPCL, while heads of other important denartments and EFCC, have been sacked, arrested, and probed. This raises the question of why the case of the NNPCL led by Engr. Mele Kyari is being treated differently. 

“If the government is genuinely committed to fighting financial malfeasance, oil theft, dubious pipeline surveillance contracts, fuel subsidy scams, under-remittance to the Federation Account, abnormalities, and lack of transparency in the NNPCL, then Engr. Mele Kyari should not be allowed to continue in his position. 

Demanding for the removal of Kyari, the Coalition said that “It is evident to most Nigerians that there has been no significant increase in oil production and remittance to the Federation Account since Engr. Mele Kyari assumed the position of GCEO of the NNPCL.  

“Therefore, we urge President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to take action and fire and probe

Engr. Mele Kyari. 

“This is crucial for the transparency, accountability, and development of the Nigerian petroleum industry. 

“Given the numerous allegations of financial improprieties and the lack of accountability within the NNPC under Kyari's leadership, it is imperative that he be removed from his position. 

“The Federal Government must take immediate action to address these issues and ensure that those responsible for corruption and embezzlement are held accountable. 

The Nigerian people deserve transparency, accountability, and a leadership that prioritizes the country's economic stability and the well-being of its citizens. 

“It is crucial to address these allegations, conduct a thorough investigation, and prosecute those responsible for corruption and fraudulent practices. 

“Restoring transparency, accountability, and financial stability within the NNPC is essential for the well-being of the Nigerian economy and its citizens”, the group said.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Kyari: When Competence Meets  Courage

Kyari: When Competence Meets Courage


Kyari: When Competence Meets  Courage

By William Ochonu

When competence meets courage, momentous occasions can unfold. Individuals with these characteristics are not hesitant to take chances, and they are not afraid to fail. They are also not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, even when it is unpopular. It’s because courage is the linchpin of character.

A man of such competence and courage is Mele Kolo Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited(NNPCL). A man who has had a profound influence on the National Oil Company and the petroleum industry in Nigeria. He has been instrumental in the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), which is a landmark piece of legislation that has positively transformed the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Kyari has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry, having worked in various capacities at the NNPCL for over 27 years. He is a highly respected technocrat who is known for his integrity and commitment to excellence.

Under Kyari’s leadership, the NNPCL has made significant progress in improving its operational efficiency and transparency. He has also introduced a number of initiatives to boost the company’s revenue and profitability.

One of Kyari’s most notable achievements is the passage of the PIA. The PIA is a comprehensive piece of legislation that will reform the Nigerian oil and gas industry. It is expected to create a more transparent and competitive environment for oil and gas exploration and production. It also led to the establishment of new regulatory bodies such as the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) and the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

The PIA is a major step forward for the Nigerian oil and gas industry. It will help to attract investment and boost production. It will also lead to increased government revenue from oil and gas.

Kyari has played a key role in helping to midwife the PIA. He worked tirelessly to build consensus among stakeholders and to secure the necessary approvals from the government. He is a visionary leader who has shown great determination and commitment to transforming the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

In addition to his work on the PIA, Kyari has also made significant progress in other areas. He has overseen the expansion of the NNPC’s gas infrastructure and the development of new gas-fired power plants. He has also launched a number of initiatives to improve the NNPC’s corporate governance and transparency.

Being a highly respected leader who has made a significant contribution to the Nigerian oil and gas industry, Kyari remains a man of integrity and commitment, one who is dedicated to transforming the industry and making it more efficient, transparent, and profitable.

In a view of more specific examples of Kyari’s impact on NNPC, it was recorded that:

He initiated the process of divesting NNPC’s non-core assets.

He led the development of the NNPC’s 2020-2024 Strategic Roadmap, which outlines a plan to transform the organization into a more efficient and profitable entity.

He also negotiated a $1.2 billion loan from the World Bank to help NNPC finance its capital expenditure program.

He terminated the contract with Vitol, a Dutch oil trader, which was accused of corruption.

He signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dangote Group to build a new refinery in Nigeria.

He launched the NNPCL’s gas expansion program, which aims to increase Nigeria’s gas production and exports.

Listed above, is just to mention a few in his distinguishable harem of beauties and magnanimous efforts in fostering the growth of our darling nation.

Kyari is a man of courage and he has demonstrated this time and time again in his career at the Nigerian NNPCL. He has never succumbed to pressure from critical situations faced, but instead, he works his way into solutions.

Looking back at the 2016 fuel crisis. At that time, there was a shortage of fuel in Nigeria, and the government was struggling to import enough fuel to meet demand. Kyari took charge of the situation and worked tirelessly to resolve it. He negotiated with oil producers to increase production, and further worked with the government to streamline the import process. As a result of his efforts in the front line struggles, the fuel crisis was resolved within a few months.

Not forgetting the 2017 oil price crash. At the time, the price of oil fell by more than 50%, which had a devastating impact on the Nigerian economy. Kyari took steps to mitigate the impact of the oil price crash, including reducing NNPCL’s spending and increasing its focus on renewable energy in salvaging the situation at the moment . As a result of his efforts, NNPC was able to weather the storm and emerge from the oil price crash in a stronger position.

Being a strategic thinker who has developed a long-term plan for NNPC’s growth and development, he knew that the 2023 fuel subsidy removal wasn’t a mountain challenge to be feared, as it was part of the plans to further fight corruption, and help build the Nigeria of our dream.

Prior to the announcement of the removal of fuel subsidy by Mr President, Bola Hamed Tinubu, Kyari kick-started the classified plans that were projected in different phases of execution, which were meant to cushion the effect of the removal, and also see to the uninterrupted availability and accessibility of fuel all around the country.

Though it appeared like plans are not in full gear because such action like the fuel subsidy removal isn’t what every Nigerian is accustomed to, but in no time, it would be a thing of the past like every other resolved challenges as each phase of the plans subsequently becomes fully implemented one after the other, and this will further prove to everyone that there is no supply issue as stipulated by the unlearned detractors.

Kyari has also demonstrated courage in his dealings with corruption. He has been outspoken in his condemnation of corruptible practices at the NNPC. He has taken steps to get it rooted, and further worked to improve transparency and accountability at NNPCL. As a result of this efforts, NNPCL is now a more transparent and accountable organization.

Kyari’s courage has made him a valuable and indispensable asset to NNPCL. He is a man who is not afraid to take on difficult challenges, and he is always willing to fight for what he believes in. He is a true leader, and he is making a real difference in Nigeria.

In addition to the aforementioned critical situations, Kyari has also faced other challenges during his time at NNPCL. For example, he has had to deal with the Niger Delta crisis, the Biafra agitation, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In each of these cases, Kyari has shown courage and determination in leading NNPC through difficult times.

Kyari’s courage is not limited to his professional life. He is also a courageous man in his personal life. He has faced many challenges, including the death of his wife and the kidnapping of his son. However, he has always shown strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Kyari’s impact on NNPC has been significant. He has made the organization more efficient, transparent, and accountable. He has also laid the foundation for NNPC’s future growth and development. He is a visionary leader who is committed to making NNPC a world-class oil and gas company.

Kyari is a man of great courage and determination. His pragmatic and decisive leadership acumen has helped to improve NNPCL’s operational efficiency and profitability. He is a leader who is not afraid to make tough decisions, even when they are unpopular.

He understands that the exercise of any virtue requires the capacity to endure hardship, conquer fear and temptation, therefore, he choose the riskier and more strenuous path when he’d rather take the easier way out.

Kyari is results-oriented and has delivered on his promises to improve NNPC’s performance. He is a true leader, and he is making a real difference in Nigeria. He is an inspiration to us all.

Ochonu wrote this piece from NASS, Abuja.

Asiwaju 100 Days in Office And Keyamo’s Touch

Asiwaju 100 Days in Office And Keyamo’s Touch


Asiwaju 100 Days in Office And Keyamo’s Touch

By Williams Ochonu 

Beyond the unprecedented expectations most Nigerians had on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s cabinet members, the aviation sector in no time came as a noticeable shooting star to behold. The marvel on every lips became short of their thoughts, leaving them in awe of what was yet to come.

The ascension of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the seat of Presidency in Nigeria has truly created an atmosphere of renewed hope, most especially, in the aviation sector. Just in his 100 days in office, the appointment of Festus Keyamo (SAN) as the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development has proven to be a masterstroke. This has made it obvious that the choice of cabinet members leaned toward savvy and competent people.

The progress in the aviation sector was made possible by the minister through the introduction of new reforms and policies. The wise would understand that a choice of Keyamo didn’t come as a surprise because Asiwaju is a pathfinder who is well known to have a penchant for success and a distaste for mediocrity.

For the record, Keyamo is a reputable lawyer, human rights activist, and an outstanding politician. He began his legal career in 1993 at Gani Fawehinmi’s Chambers in Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria. He later established his law firm, Festus Keyamo Chambers. Keyamo has represented many prominent Nigerians in high-profile cases, including the leader of the Niger-Delta Peoples’ Volunteer Force, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, and the leader of the Movement For The Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Ralph Uwazuruike.

Keyamo entered politics in 2015 when he was appointed the Director of Media and Publicity for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council. He played a key role in the election of President Muhammadu Buhari. In 2019, Keyamo was appointed the Minister of State for Labour and Employment. In August 2023, he was appointed the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

With such a track record and pedigree, Asiwaju knew that Keyamo was a viable instrument in his presidential political career. Also aware that over time, Keyamo has proven to be a good dose of aspirin in reviving any dying organization, and a booster when needed for any successful project, girdled with an acumen for conquest that is uncontestable, and a notable drive for greatness, Keyamo's nomination for the ministerial list was a revelation into the Asiwaju grand plan.

He is a man who has little patience with people who are insensitive to the suffering of ordinary, and vulnerable people in society because he grew up in a tough background, and knows what it means to be vulnerable, let alone toiling with hundreds of lives aboard on every flight all around the nation.

As detractors continued in their merchant of character assassination, Keyamo understood that indecision is the graveyard of good intentions, therefore, he quietly settled into the job and announced himself with some groundbreaking reforms, policies, and innovations.

Being a firm critic who stands up for what he believes, Keyamo isn’t bent by political gimmicks that are not in the interest of Nigerians. The minister is someone who never shies away from a challenge when faced with one. However, over the years, he has earned a reputation for his integrity, honesty, and passion for humanity.

It is worthy of note that Keyamo has brought several ingenious ideas and initiatives to the aviation sector since he was appointed minister. He has also been a strong advocate for the development of the aerospace industry in Nigeria which has further birthed more harems of positive initiatives as follows:

Being a man of plan and action, with Asiwaju’s support, Keyamo has pledged to establish a new national carrier for Nigeria. He has said that the national carrier will be a world-class airline that will compete with the best in the world.

Keyamo has launched several initiatives to rehabilitate and upgrade airports across Nigeria. He has said that he is committed to making Nigerian airports in class and in comparison with world-class facilities, thereby making Nigeria more visible in the international space.

Keyamo has been a strong advocate for the promotion of domestic aviation in Nigeria. Compassionately considering the cost of flight and standard of living, he has said that he wants to make it easier and more affordable for Nigerians to travel by air within the country.

Keyamo has also been a strong advocate for the development of the aerospace industry in Nigeria. He has said that he wants to make Nigeria a hub for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.

Keyamo's actions were as though he knew there was a task ahead, and it clearly shows that the minister came fully prepared for the job despite his late appointment. Keyamo came with the Hallmark to sanitize, revamp, and revive the aviation sector to meet international best practices.

In just a few days in office, Keyamo has made significant progress in the aviation sector, creating a spicy delicacy in the 100 days of President Tinubu's tenure in office. The launched number of initiatives like the establishment of a new national carrier, the rehabilitation of airports, the promotion of domestic aviation, and the development of the aerospace industry, are testament to the preparedness for his ministerial position.

Keyamo’s initiatives have been well-received by industry stakeholders and the general public. He has been praised for his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to transforming the aviation sector.

As a serving Minister, Keyamo has restored transparency, accountability, and integrity to the aviation business while winning the trust of stakeholders and international partners through his skilled negotiation.

Keyamo’s Midas touch is evident in the success of his various initiatives in the aviation sector. He has a knack for identifying and implementing solutions to complex problems.

Asiwaju wasn’t wrong when he told Keyamo, “Let’s Fix Nigeria”. He saw him as the best man for the job based on a dispassionate assessment of his previous public office records and superlative antecedents. His green alert for transparency and safety is invaluable, putting him on a pedestal to serve in his current position.

It Is important to rally behind Keyamo, helping to support and promote his initiatives to the general public. With the support of all stakeholders, it’s obvious that he will make Nigeria a leading aviation and aerospace nation.

Ochonu is a public affairs analyst and wrote this piece from Abuja.

Tribute to Speaker Tajudeen Abass at 58

Tribute to Speaker Tajudeen Abass at 58


Tribute to Speaker Tajudeen Abass at 58

By Philip Agbese 

In the realm of legends, where time intertwines with valor and courage, there exists a sacred memory reserved for the great leaders. These indomitable souls, with hearts of fire and spirits of steel, transcend the mortal plane to etch their names upon the annals of history. Their leadership decisions become the embodiment of our collective aspirations, inspiring us to dream, to strive, and to believe in the extraordinary power that lies within each of us.

A man of such noble personality is Speaker Tajudeen Abass who is celebrating life at 58 in an outstanding leadership position as the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 10th National Assembly. This highly resourceful Kaduna-born lawmaker no doubt is a man of impeccable character and his moral standing as well as intellect depth is far beyond any trace. He thus can be referred to as a product that can market itself.

Hon. Abass' Speakership ambition was indeed faithfully endorsed by several professional bodies and a large majority of the newly elected and re-elected members of the House of Representatives, owing to the fact that he’s a man known to have an exceptional rare gift of leadership.

He has distinguished himself as the only federal lawmaker from the North-West who has thus far sponsored an unprecedented 74 bills. He is also the first in the history of democracy in Nigeria to have sponsored such several bills and remains the first to have over 25 of his bills signed into law by the President, adding this can only be achieved by someone with the zeal and passion for his country’s greatness.

Throughout his tenure, Speaker Abass has proven himself to be a people-minded individual, consistently demonstrating a genuine concern for the welfare of Nigerians.

Tajudeen Abass has consistently placed the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian people at the forefront of his agenda. His unwavering commitment to the welfare of citizens has been evident in his legislative initiatives and policy decisions. From championing social welfare programs to advocating for improved healthcare and education, Speaker Abass has worked tirelessly to address the pressing issues that affect the everyday lives of Nigerians.

Hon Abass is a man of the people, and principle, one who is committed to the ideals of democracy and good governance. He is also a man of action. He is not content to simply talk about change; he is committed to making it happen in no time.

His dedication to the people has earned him the respect and admiration of both his colleagues and the citizens he serves, further convincing every one of his colleagues that he is the best prepared and most qualified person to be the Speaker of the 10th Assembly

One of Speaker Abass’ most remarkable qualities is his deep compassion for others. He has consistently demonstrated genuine empathy towards the less privileged and has tirelessly worked to uplift their lives. Through various humanitarian initiatives, Speaker Abass has assisted the most vulnerable members of society, including internally displaced persons, victims of violence, and those affected by natural disasters. His efforts have not only provided immediate relief but have also paved the way for long-term solutions to address the root causes of poverty and inequality.

Speaker Abass’ compassionate leadership has had a profound impact on the lives of countless Nigerians. His commitment to improving healthcare has resulted in increased access to quality medical services, particularly in rural areas where such services were previously scarce. Through his efforts, more Nigerians have been able to receive essential medical care, leading to improved health outcomes and an overall enhancement of the country’s healthcare system.

 Abass’ focus on education has facilitated greater access to quality education for Nigerian youths. By advocating for policies that prioritize educational infrastructure, teacher training, and scholarships, he has empowered countless young individuals to pursue their dreams and contribute to the development of the nation. His emphasis on education as a tool for empowerment has not only transformed individual lives but has also contributed to the overall progress of Nigeria.

His sincerity and honesty have had a profound impact on the parliament. He has been a vocal advocate for the people, consistently pushing for reforms that benefit the citizens. His principled stance has earned him the respect of his colleagues, who have come to see him as a trustworthy and reliable lawmaker.

As Speaker Tajudeen Abass celebrates his 58th birthday, it is important to recognize his exceptional leadership, compassion, and humanitarian efforts. His commitment to the welfare of Nigerians and his dedication to improving the lives of the less privileged have left an indelible mark on the nation. Speaker Abass’ people-minded approach and unwavering compassion serve as an inspiration to current and future leaders, reminding them of the importance of servant leadership and the transformative power of empathy.

Hon Tajudeen Abbas has taken on the monumental task of redefining democracy in Nigeria and he has already made significant strides in achieving this goal. Since his resumption into office, he has made it a priority to clean up the corruption and inefficiency that has plagued the parliament for years. His actions over time have proven to all and sundry that he is enviably educated and eminently experienced to preside over the affairs of the House.

Celebrating the 58th birthday is a heroic journey that has formed different pillars upon which a new generation of heroes would stand. These are people who will also leave their tales woven into the very fabric of our nation's existence.

From the valiant Hercules, whose twelve labors spoke of strength and resilience, to the wise and cunning Odysseus, whose odyssey became a testament to the power of perseverance, these figures continue to captivate our collective imagination, but we are now privileged to witness the reality of this existence right before our very own eyes, the real captivating life-changing experience of Tajudeen Abass is a testament we are to learn from.

As Nigerians gather to celebrate these luminous beacons of hope, these paragons of humanity who have left indelible marks upon the tapestry of time, Hon Abass' journey reminds everyone that, even in the face of adversity, greatness can be achieved.

We raise our voices, our pens, and our hearts in celebration of this immortal soul who has touched our lives in ways we may never fully comprehend. His stories remind us that within each of us lies the potential to be the hero of our narrative. Let us draw inspiration from his courage, resilience, and unwavering belief in the transformative power of humanity and leadership.

For in the celebration of living heroes like Hon Tajudeen Abass, we celebrate the very essence of what it means to be human, and as we celebrate his birthday, let us honor Speaker Abass’ legacy by continuing to prioritize the well-being of Nigerians, and working towards a more inclusive and prosperous nation for all.

Agbese MHR is the member representing Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency and the Deputy Spokesman, of the 10th Assembly.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese

Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese


Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese

...Urges Organised Labour to Give Dialogue a Chance 

The Deputy Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Dr Philip Agbese, has assured Nigerians that President Bola Tinubu's removal of fuel subsidy is in their best interest. 

Agbese, the member representing Ado/ Okpokwu/ Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, spoke to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja. 

The lawmaker admitted that fuel subsidy has been a part of the nation since the 1970s, with the government routinely selling petrol to citizens at below cost to minimize the impact of rising global oil prices. 

However, he noted that the outlay of subsidizing petrol has ballooned over time, adding that the regime has made a few richer. 

Agbese said that available figures showed that the Buhari administration (2015 -2023) paid a subsidy of over N11.4 trillion, more than what the government spent on education, health, and infrastructure during the period under review.

While acknowledging that President Tinubu's decision to end the regime has come with hardship, he reckons that Nigerians will celebrate in the long run. 

According to him, fuel subsidy constitutes 50% of the nation's problem and its termination will usher the country to her glorious era in history.

He, however, urged Organised Labour not to succumb to agents of destabilization, assuring that the resources saved from the policy would be channelled to developmental programs. 

"President Tinubu must be commended for taking the bold step to save the future of our nation. Fuel subsidy was no longer attainable," he said. 

"It is on record that about N40.1 billion is spent daily to subsidize every liter of petrol consumed in Nigeria by at least N600. It means the government spends about N1.24 trillion on fuel subsidies monthly. 

"The country is in massive debt and would need more money to subsidize fuel. According to the World Bank, the government is projected to achieve fiscal savings of approximately two trillion naira ($2.6 billion) in 2023, equivalent to 0.9% of GDP. These savings are expected to reach over 11 trillion naira ($14.3bn) by the end of 2025.

"This will be invested in healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Indeed, the advantages of the removal of subsidy would not just come up immediately. It is not possible because the economy is not strong. We don’t have money to start implementing measures that will ameliorate the removal of the subsidy. 

"However, we must look beyond the present. The future of our great nation is at stake. I want to commend President Tinubu for this brave decision. In a matter of time, Nigerians will smile.

"Let me also use this opportunity to appeal to the Organised Labour not to succumb to agents of destabilization who want to pull us back. The issue of palliatives and better welfare for all citizens is paramount before the Asiwaju government. 

"Our nation can not withstand another mass action. We are trying to build not destroy. The Labour should, therefore, give dialogue a chance and at least be patient with this administration. It is still early days".