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SDP Presidential Candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo, Outlines Plans for Nigerian Women



SDP Presidential Candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo, Outlines Plans for Nigerian Women

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the SDP presidential candidate, has urged political actors to allow women to participate in politics by amending what needs to be amended, enforcing electoral law, and allowing the rule of law to prevail.

He announced this on Tuesday in Abuja, at the Voice of Women (VOW) 2022 Conference and Awards, where presidential candidates were invited to speak about their plans and commitment to Nigerian women.

Adebayo stated that in order to address the issue of low female political participation, two things must be eliminated: violence and cheating.

“Two things have dominated our politics, violence, and obscene use of money. Women don't do well in those two vices. So if we want to address participation of women in politics, and participation in decision making, we must remove violence from politics and cheating. Women are not good cheats”, he said.

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“When we seek advice, when we seek trust, we go to the women, but when we seek power, we don't give power to the women. So I believe that if we amend our ways, and enforce the electoral law and have rule of law, women will naturally dominate”.

While outlining his plans for women if elected, the SDP presidential candidate noted that there are structural issues that must be addressed.

He stated that women's rights, privileges, and prospects in society should not be determined by which government is in power, nor by which politician signs an undertaking, because the Nigerian constitution guarantees women's rights.

He also stated that the objective conditions created in a country will determine whether or not women will reach their full potential.

"If we approach women as citizens and we do that very well most of ours problems will be solved. If we approach women as humans and we do that very well, most of our problems will be solved”, he said.

He stated that society has been structured in such a way that men cause problems and destruction while women are left to build; however, this should be changed.

He said, “I was a United Nations and ECOWAS appointed Commissioner in Liberia after the war, and I noticed one thing very clearly, all the people who caused the war, none was a woman. 

The generals who commanded the war none was a woman, but most victims of the war, were women; and when we came to rebuild that country, most of those who came to contribute to the development and rebuilding of that country were women”.

Adebayo promised to enforce the rule of law so that women would have a voice in the grand scheme of things, ensuring the nation's progress.

“I will enforce the law, and I will ensure that rule of law prevails; and when that happens, women will be the beneficiary and the country will progress”.

Prince Adebayo was accompanied to the conference by Sen. Ugochukwu Uba, Hon. Richard Oriri, Pastor Ade Alabi, Chief Godwin Osigbeme, and Mr Patrick.

Other presidential candidates in attendance included Al-Mustapha of the AAC, Kashim Shettima of the APC representing Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi of the LP, Malik Ado-Ibrahim of the YPP, and Dumebi Kachikwu of the ADC.

Each candidate received a copy of the Womanifesto.

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