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How to Make Your Wife Respect and Summit to You for Life


How to Make Your Wife Respect and Summit to You for Life

Making a woman do what you want, honour you, adore you, celebrate you, respect you, and submit to you for the rest of her life is not difficult.

Except you married the devil's own daughter, whose conscience is practically dead and buried, no woman on earth is difficult!

Total respect, honor, and submission to you come easily and cheaply as long as she is a woman created in the image of God if you do the following:

1. Train your wife to respect and summit to you for life.

Help your wife trust you even in the company of other women. As a married gentleman, set a limitation on how you should treat other ladies. One thing you can do is to bring your wife with you whenever you have to meet women friends. Also, never spend time with another woman alone.

2. Manage your wife's emotions.

Do not try to be overly controlling of your wife. This is one of the best ways to respect your wife’s feelings. Avoid texting or calling her all the time when she is out. Avoid going through her phone to check her messages. Avoid snooping around when she is out with friends.

How to Make Your Wife Respect and Summit to You for Life

You need to be mindful of the way you communicate to your partner so you don’t hurt her feelings in the process. If there is a source of conflict, refrain from using an accusatory tone. Disagreements are a part of married life. But it’s how you handle and communicate during such instances that make a difference.

3. Launch an effective communication campaign to change your wife's mind about respecting and summit to you for life.

How often do you tell your wife that you love her? She might think that there are other women in your life, which is probably why you are not treating her well. You need to always tell her that she is the only one who stole your heart. This is one of the incredible ways to talk to your wife with respect.

How to Make Your Wife Respect and Summit to You for Life

4. Take your financial responsibility serious.

Wives naturally submit to responsible husbands who do not wait for the landlord to scream at the top of his lungs before paying rent, nor does he wait for the children to be expelled from school before paying their school fees.

You must take your financial life seriously if you want your wife to truly respect you from the bottom of her heart. Pay your bills on time and save enough money for food, clothing, and shelter.

Your wife can help you, but it is not her responsibility to shoulder all of the burden.

Men who pay their rent, feed, clothe, and care for their wives and children receive genuine respect from their wives. Women naturally admire caring men.

5. Don't depend on her income 100%.

Your wife can help you pay your bills. She can share financial responsibility 50% of the time, but never rely on a woman to carry all financial responsibility in the home. She is not going to respect you.

How to Make Your Wife Respect and Summit to You for Life

However, to keep your wife secure with your love for her, never take her for granted. The longer you have been together, the more that you should exert effort in keeping your passion for each other alive. Date with her regularly, shower her with hugs and kisses and tell her “I love you” always.

True submission in marriage does not come through coercion, threat, manipulation, abuse, screaming, shouting, or abusing. It comes naturally when you love your wife as Christ loves the church.

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