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Hilarious Moment Actor, Adedimeji Lateef tried to Hide in a wardrobe after his wife, Mo 'Bimpe attempted to force him to take his bath

 In the video shared on Instagram by Mo' Bimpe, her movie star husband took a trip to hide inside a wardrobe in their chamber because she told him to take his bath. 

Curious to learn about his whereabout, the actress began searching for him around the apartment and tried to record the investigation. 

At some point, Bimpe was heard seeking calling him to know where he was, but he later replied by saying she wouldn't have been sure to locate him. 

She inevitably mapped his speech to the storage room and lifted it up to go see him hiding in the lower half centre console of the storage room. When she inquired why he was here for a while, Dimeji says: “ he doesn't like to accept his bath because the seasonal changes had always been ice.

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