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Terrorism: Minister Of State For Defence Matawale's US Visit Excites Northern Groups


Terrorism: Minister Of State For Defence Matawale's US Visit Excites Northern Groups

The recent visit by the Minister of Defence, Bello Matawale, to the United States of America has been commended by several Northern groups under the North Central Stakeholders Forum for its immense significance in addressing the fight against terrorism and other security challenges in Nigeria. 

The Stakeholders Forum, in a statement signed by its Convener, Mohammed A. Mohammed noted that the visit, which involved engaging in discussions with members of the US Congress, was meant to strengthen bilateral cooperation, share intelligence, and seek support in combating terrorism. 

"The importance of this visit cannot be overstated, as it holds the potential to bring about positive changes in Nigeria's security landscape" they said. 

The Forum said first and foremost, the visit by Minister Matawale signifies the commitment of the Nigerian government to tackle the issue of terrorism head-on. 

"By reaching out to the United States, a global superpower with extensive experience in counterterrorism efforts, Matawale is demonstrating the willingness of Nigeria to learn from the best and adopt effective strategies in combating terrorism. This proactive approach is crucial in addressing the security challenges that have plagued the country for far too long."

They said engaging in discussions with members of the US Congress is another significant step towards strengthening bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and the United States. 

"The exchange of ideas, sharing of intelligence, and collaboration on counterterrorism efforts can greatly enhance Nigeria's capacity to combat terrorism. The United States has a wealth of knowledge and resources that can be tapped into, and this visit provides an opportunity for Nigeria to leverage these assets for the benefit of its citizens," the Forum pointed out. 

They said seeking support from the United States in the fight against terrorism is a wise move by the Defense Minister Matawale. 

"Terrorism is a global issue that requires a collective response, and the support of the international community is crucial in effectively addressing this menace. 

“By reaching out to the United States, the Minister is signaling Nigeria's commitment to working with other nations to eradicate terrorism and create a safer world for all."

The visit by Minister Matawale, the groups explained, also highlights the importance of intelligence sharing in the fight against terrorism which is a complex and ever-evolving threat. 

"Timely and accurate intelligence is essential in staying one step ahead of the terrorists. By engaging with the United States, Nigeria can tap into their vast intelligence network and benefit from their expertise in gathering and analyzing intelligence. 

“This collaboration can significantly enhance Nigeria's ability to detect and prevent terrorist activities, ultimately leading to a more secure and stable nation," they said.

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