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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese

Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese


Nigerians Will Celebrate Tinubu for Fuel Subsidy Removal — Reps Deputy Spokesman Agbese

...Urges Organised Labour to Give Dialogue a Chance 

The Deputy Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Dr Philip Agbese, has assured Nigerians that President Bola Tinubu's removal of fuel subsidy is in their best interest. 

Agbese, the member representing Ado/ Okpokwu/ Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, spoke to newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja. 

The lawmaker admitted that fuel subsidy has been a part of the nation since the 1970s, with the government routinely selling petrol to citizens at below cost to minimize the impact of rising global oil prices. 

However, he noted that the outlay of subsidizing petrol has ballooned over time, adding that the regime has made a few richer. 

Agbese said that available figures showed that the Buhari administration (2015 -2023) paid a subsidy of over N11.4 trillion, more than what the government spent on education, health, and infrastructure during the period under review.

While acknowledging that President Tinubu's decision to end the regime has come with hardship, he reckons that Nigerians will celebrate in the long run. 

According to him, fuel subsidy constitutes 50% of the nation's problem and its termination will usher the country to her glorious era in history.

He, however, urged Organised Labour not to succumb to agents of destabilization, assuring that the resources saved from the policy would be channelled to developmental programs. 

"President Tinubu must be commended for taking the bold step to save the future of our nation. Fuel subsidy was no longer attainable," he said. 

"It is on record that about N40.1 billion is spent daily to subsidize every liter of petrol consumed in Nigeria by at least N600. It means the government spends about N1.24 trillion on fuel subsidies monthly. 

"The country is in massive debt and would need more money to subsidize fuel. According to the World Bank, the government is projected to achieve fiscal savings of approximately two trillion naira ($2.6 billion) in 2023, equivalent to 0.9% of GDP. These savings are expected to reach over 11 trillion naira ($14.3bn) by the end of 2025.

"This will be invested in healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Indeed, the advantages of the removal of subsidy would not just come up immediately. It is not possible because the economy is not strong. We don’t have money to start implementing measures that will ameliorate the removal of the subsidy. 

"However, we must look beyond the present. The future of our great nation is at stake. I want to commend President Tinubu for this brave decision. In a matter of time, Nigerians will smile.

"Let me also use this opportunity to appeal to the Organised Labour not to succumb to agents of destabilization who want to pull us back. The issue of palliatives and better welfare for all citizens is paramount before the Asiwaju government. 

"Our nation can not withstand another mass action. We are trying to build not destroy. The Labour should, therefore, give dialogue a chance and at least be patient with this administration. It is still early days".

Opinion: Electoral And Financial Autonomy For Local Government Councils In Nigeria Is A Necessity And A Must," Peter Ameh

Opinion: Electoral And Financial Autonomy For Local Government Councils In Nigeria Is A Necessity And A Must," Peter Ameh

Opinion: Electoral And Financial Autonomy For Local Government Councils In Nigeria Is A Necessity And A Must," Peter Ameh


......Local Government election is the greatest ELECTORAL fraud foisted on our electoral Representative Democracy

I will like to state here categorically that the entire 8 years rule of Buhari I supported only one policy and that is Executive Order 10 signed in May 2020 by President Muhammadu Buhari which outrightly granted financial and administrative autonomy to State legislature, judiciary as well as the local government authority as the third tier of government in Nigeria, I see this as the right step to free the local government councils and give them the needed independence and the Judicial authority not seeing beyond the need of themselves truncated that process because Almighty Nigerian Governors like WIKE were against the survival and elimination of obstacles militating against the independence of these critical parts of our country’s democratic system.

We should all be concerned about the status and happenings within the Local Government System in Nigeria, it is now a notorious fact that it has been hijacked by the Nigerian Governors and I will want to state emphatically that I will totally support any collaborative efforts in the direction of working with National assembly (10th Assembly) to carry out constitutional amendment that will lead to the granting of full financial and Electoral autonomy to the Local Government System and Administration in Nigeria, because I can say this without mincing words that the presumed failure or the inability of the Local councils to drive and bring about development in Nigeria to a glaring point that could have positive impact on the lives of ordinary Nigerians can easily be attributed to the total lack of Local government election and financial autonomy because most of these local government administrators are imposed on the people, we naturally can't hold them accountable, no matter the laudable program(s) of any administration at the Federal level without corresponding efforts at the Local Government level, all will amount to little or no impact in the life of the Nigerian people. 

These Governors act with reckless impunity against elected Local Government Chairmen, suspend them at will in contravention to all relevant laws and statues, ( imagine what the local government Chairman that dared to question the Governor of Ogun state about how the State and local joint account was been mismanaged) The current law as regards the administration of our Local Government System no longer serves the interest of the Nigerian people and must be urgently reviewed to save and promote effective Local Council System as expected in every democratic presidential system. One of the major functions of duly elected councilors is to make bye laws for the good governance and development of all Local Government areas across Nigeria but as I write this article to state that my emphasis are not misplaced and the importance of local government autonomy should never be ignored or underestimated and the reason why voter apathy persist in local elections is because elections at that level are totally manipulated to ensure that the governor’s Party record is 100% victory and constitutionally assigned functions of local government officials has been greatly eroded by the excessive interference and impunity of our Governors. 

All the above have in a great way contributed to voter apathy because without transparency there is no legitimacy and without legitimacy there is no trust.

I must say without mincing words that the state Independent electoral Commission is the greatest democratic fraud foisted on our electoral democracy and that is the major reason I have come to the undeniable conclusion that it is important that the conduct of Local Government elections becomes the responsibilities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) or we collectively work to enact and overhaul the laws that governs the affairs of State Independent Electoral Commission (SIECS) because from the attitude and conduct of state elections by all States Independent Electoral Commissions (SIEC's) it is impossible to get a free, fair and credible election under the existing arrangement. The current system encourages massive rigging because SIEC's are under the wings and caprices of the State Governors WHO uses the State Assembly to manipulate the conduct of the elections in favour of his own Political Party and no exception across Nigeria. As I have seen over the years, how Parties that control the state will stop at nothing to fraudulently tailor the results of local government elections in their favour. You will also discover that all Local Government election conducted in States are won by the Party in power in each respective states under review; the opposition party in the state is always left with nothing. If Local authorities have autonomy and tenure their guaranteed, it will be easy for the people to hold them accountable and this will in turn bring development closer to the people and does make for a robust democracy. 

What is going on at the Local Government level in Nigeria is a mockery of democracy, there is urgent need for all stakeholders (Media, Political Parties, Critical election stakeholders) to work together purposefully to establish the needed environment for good governance to grow and save our people from bad leadership. 

The State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) is the greatest electoral abracadabra (the more you look, the more you see nothing positive) imposed on our electoral Representative democracy and my appeal to all lawmakers is to work and use moral persuasion to birth a new effective administrative system for the Local Government tier in Nigeria, if by your commitment to rescue our people from this electoral rascality and by so doing if any governor feels aggrieved or seem to be more interested in Funds meant for the local government councils, let him resign and contest as LOCAL government Chairman and he or she should be assured of the support of all Nigerians. The bottom-line of my unrelenting Advocacy for a free, fair and credible electoral and management process is to draw the attention of all sundry to the fraudulent means of conducting our Local government elections Nigerian.

it is possible for other Political Parties to win Local Government elections if it is conducted under the right conditions of Free, fair and credible electoral atmosphere.

We can not continue with this charade called elections because that is why we now have MORIBUND local Government councils in Nigeria, There is no need deceiving ourselves by calling the charades elections. It should rather be called selection/imposition process and the governors should stop wasting tax payers monies conducting such sham of election because nowhere in the world the ruling government in the state will cruise away to victory with 99.99% contested seats.

If we cannot have free and fair elections at the LGA level, they rather adopt the selection method and save our funds and put it into more productive use like road construction, Schools and Hospitals. Just select your preferred candidates then announce winners and stop wasting taxpayers money. We go still accept the outcome of the process. We no get choice until the constitution is amended.

Amendment for the Local Government administration and elections laws can not be handled that easily because you need 2/3 of the State assemblies to endorse such amendments even if passed by the National Assembly and with the State assemblies practically in the pockets of the state Governors, it will not pass the approval test.

Local Government election is food for the boys of the Governor. it is the affirmation of the governors will and power. Na who dem approve dey win and na only the Party way the govern the state the fit win for local government elections. 

States will not be arm twisted by the State Governors if we have free local Government election system in Nigeria.

We must place our focus on State to take over State assemblies or do something legally that can free the Local Government elections from the whims and caprices of the state emperors.

Manipulated and rigged Elections has the potential to contribute to voter apathy because without transparency there is no Trust and without Trust there is no legitimacy .



• Section 7 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) relating to the place of Local Governments as the third tier of government should be amended to specifically guarantee the existence, establishment, structure, composition, finance, functions and tenure of Local Governments under the Constitution. 

•Section 153, 197 and the third Schedule to the Constitution should be amended to provide for the following re-designation and re-ordering of States Independent Electoral Commission: 


• Section 162(5)-(7) of the Constitution should be amended to abolish the Joint State/Local Government Account.

•Section 162(5)-(7) of the Constitution should be further amended to provide that any amount standing to the credit of the Local Government Councils in the Federation Account should be paid directly to the various Local Governments.

•I also call for a robust National Electoral Reform conference.


- 2019 Presidential candidate 

- Former National Chairman inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC)

- National Secretary - CUPP

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

CSOs Berate NLC, TUC Over Insistence on Indefinite Strike Action

CSOs Berate NLC, TUC Over Insistence on Indefinite Strike Action


CSOs Berate NLC, TUC Over Insistence on Indefinite Strike Action

_...says move highly unpatriotic and targeted at destabilising Nigeria_ 

The insistence of organised labour to embark on an indefinite strike action has continued to attract widespread criticism, with the latest coming from the Civil Society Situation Room on Good Governance in Nigeria (CSSRGGN). 

The group condemned the move by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) as highly unpatriotic and aimed to destabilise the country. 

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, Dr. Thomas Uzah, National President/Convener, said the organised labour is bent on bringing the government down through street protests. 

Uzah said the NLC and TUC's obsession with mass action over dialogue despite calls from different quarters clearly shows that there is a hidden agenda. 

"We hope that the leaders of organized labour fully appreciate the crimes they are committing with the sets of directives they have issued and that they also understand that they will invariably lose control of the mayhem they are trying to unleash on the country," he added. 

"We are therefore calling on Nigerians and the rest of the world to note that the NLC and TUC are preparing the citizenry for war, they are preparing the country for final implosion. We further ask the discerning to note that the opposition and their foreign collaborators are bankrolling NLC and TUC to bring the government down. 

"We hereby issue another advisory that the opposition, NLC, and TUC have perfected plans to grow their street protests and rallies into full-blown war by stagging or orchestrating attacks on protesters by fake security operatives so that they can accuse the government of being heavy-handed and attempt to delegitimize the government before the international community of being repressive. 

"We are worried about how this dangerous plot will play out given the other security challenges that the country is already battling with. There is the obvious danger of how this could worsen banditry, kidnap for ransom, and separatist elements that have in the past used mass protests as an opportunity to plant new cells in areas where they do not hitherto exist.

"The Civil Society Situation Room on Good Governance In Nigeria therefore urges security agencies to take proactive steps to prevent the catastrophe that NLC and TUC have plotted for the country. 

"We renew our appeal to the Federal Government to look beyond the NLC and TUC. The government should increase and accelerate the implementation of its palliative measures for Nigerians. "

Friday, September 22, 2023

"Before We Crucify Hon Gbajabiamila," Philip Agbese

"Before We Crucify Hon Gbajabiamila," Philip Agbese

"Before We Crucify Hon Gbajabiamila," Philip Agbese

Before We Crucify Hon Gbajabiamila

By Philip Agbese 

What is grace? This is a question that I have been battling with for a while. I have looked at some of the recent happenings in the country concerning some individuals, and one of them is the Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff to the President. 

Gbaja as he is fondly called could pass for a man with nine lives. He has been around for a while. He has had his share of good, bad, and ugly times. He has been accused, and he has been commended. Interestingly, he kept his cool in all these, and grace continued to work for him. 

I recall that in the 8th Assembly, he aspired to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He worked hard but didn't get it. He didn't despair. He was loyal and waited for his turn. And guess what? Grace turned up for him. He was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 9th Assembly, and those who worked against him went on their knees seeking forgiveness and patronage. 

He was calm as usual and did what he knew how to do best. He was on top of his game. I recall an incident in the twilight of his tenure as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Deputy Speaker challenged his grace, and the rest is history. 

He served out his term successfully, and another assignment came calling. This time around, the opposition was fierce. Many thought his grace was over, and they rejoiced. They sang to the high heavens, dancing to the imminent fall from grace of Femi Gbajabiamila. 

But grace turned up again. He smiled and moved on. He was appointed the Chief of Staff to the President. Those who felt he would be a hard nut to crack in their desire to call the shots within the presidency went to work. But they failed. And they didn't stop. 

It is an era of slander and blackmail. They churned out invective against him. He was to blame for everything that emanated from the presidency. They went as far as insinuating issues that only existed in their imaginations. All was geared towards making the President uncomfortable with him and ultimately showing him the way out. 

But they forgot that when grace speaks, protocols are suspended. And indeed, the grace has been sufficient for Femi Gbajabiamila. I do not envy him, but I salute his mien and ability to stay calm. That is one of the qualities that endeared him to the President. 

You can't predict his next move. He keeps you guessing until you run out of steam. He allows you to exhaust your arsenal, no matter how dangerous. It is a very risky enterprise, but it has worked for him and is still working. 

Femi Gbajabiamila reminds me of the phrase, "Touch not my anointed. Maybe he is the anointed one. Perhaps the chosen one or the special one. Whichever you choose, you are right. Love him or hate him; he stands tall at all times. 

Very brilliant and analytical. He smiles at you even when he is supposed to wear a frown. He encourages you to do more. What a daring person. But he watches you closely with the eyes on the eagle. I wonder what runs through his mind when he comes under mindless attacks from some vested interest. 

Does he blink in his closet? I doubt it because his composure does not give him away. Someone said Femi Gbajabiamila is an enigma that is worth studying. Someone also said he waits for you at the end of the road to welcome you from your vicious journey. If you are lucky, he will offer you a bottle of water. Would your conscience allow you to drink the water? Only those in that boat can answer the question. 

What sort of grace does Femi Gbajabiamila exude? The grace that beats human understanding. The grace that runs faster than the speed of lightning. The grace that strikes like a thief in the night. The grace that is confusing to the human eyes, and the grace that warns you to retrace your steps in the slander and blackmail enterprise. 

A word is enough for the wise. What is his offense that some want his head? For being a gentleman and a leadership guru or a political strategist? The former number four man in the leadership hierarchy of the country is not mediocre, and one that does not play to the gallery. 

He has seen it all in leadership, and when some allegations are made against him, it only smacks of mockery of commonsense. Most times, these allegations need to be better thought out. The promoters are always in haste and, in the process, make a mess of themselves. 

Before we crucify Femi Gbajabiamila, let us pause and think it through. He is a patriot who is devoted to his principal and the country. He has demonstrated capacity and love for the country. You don't have to like him. But commonsense would suffice that the grace of God surrounds some individuals. Femi Gbajabiamila is one, and let those with ears hear this—my two cents.

Agbese MHR is thr Deputy Spokesman, 10th House of Representatives, the member representing Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Reps Deputy Spokesperson, Hon Agbese Bags Prestigious Doctorate Award From Weldios University

Reps Deputy Spokesperson, Hon Agbese Bags Prestigious Doctorate Award From Weldios University


Reps Deputy Spokesperson, Hon Agbese Bags Prestigious Doctorate Award From Weldios University

A philanthropist and Deputy Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Hon. Philip Agbese, has bagged the prestigious Weldios University Honorary Doctorate Degree (PhD Honoraris Causa) in Political Leadership. 

The award was bestowed on him at a the second edition of the All-Africa Students Union (AASU) and Weldios University annual Symposium held at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre Abuja on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. 

The Member of the 10th House of Representatives, representing Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency at National Assembly, is popularly known as "Okanga Agila", and a young Nigerian politician and humanitarian. 

In his acceptance speech, the Reps member said that the award will spur him to do more for the society and for the young people of Nigeria. 

He described the award as an opportunity to rededicate himself to the service of God humanity. 

He said, “I believe that as much as I cherish this Honourary Doctorate Award today, I'm going to continue to do everything humanly possible to uphold the virtues, the principles and philosophies for which the award was bestowed on me today. 

“I am happy and for the girl child and every other African child, it is important to note that education remains the only solution to the problems of Africa and it is through education that the breakthrough we're yearning for will truly.”

Hon. Agbese then appreciated Weldios University for the award. 

As thoroughbred Civil Society Activist by antecedence he been associated with impactful organizations, serving at the Centre for Social Justice, Equity, and Transparency from 2012 to 2015; Principal Partner at Preventive Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland; contributing immensely to conflict resolution efforts. 

He established Global Amnesty Watch in London in 2015 and subsequently founded The Nigerian News Group, a media organization, in 2016. 

His influence extends to the realm of literature, with his contributions as an author of numerous books and articles, both locally and internationally. 

So far, his Legislative Agenda have reflected his core strengths and interests emphasizing Defence, National Security, Education, Human Rights, Communication, and Sustainable Development Goals. 

As one of the youngest parliamentarians in

history, he committed to championing youth interests and concerns. 

Beyond politics, Agbese is known for his philanthropic endeavors, particularly in his constituency and the North Central region. 

His contributions have earned him the traditional title of Okanga Agila in his homeland, in Benue State.