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SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo, Counsels Nigerians on Which Way to Vote

SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo, Counsels Nigerians on Which Way to Vote

Barely forty-eight hours to the presidential election, Social Democratic Party (SDP) standard bearer, Adewole Adebayo, has implored Nigerians to vote responsibly.

Experts at various levels had raised significant concerns about the importance of the forthcoming polls to the survival of the country.

Nigerians had therefore been advised not to sell their votes nor reward failure given the challenges confronting the country for years.

Adebayo, who made a live appearance on Channels Television’s “The 2023s Verdict” on Thursday, insisted the country was too immersed in multilayered crises and advised Nigerians not to vote based on religion or other primordial sentiments.

“Every Nigerian should remember that government is powerful everyday. Nigerians are powerful only on election day. So it’s important for them not to vote based on religious affiliations or other primordial sentiments. When you vote, you’re voting a government under which you’ll be in the next four or eight years. To avoid complaining all the time, take decisive step by voting responsibly. Go over interviews of all presidential candidates to understand them better and take a step towards making Nigeria a better country”, he said.

Adebayo also decried attacks on opposition during campaign rallies, citing cases of violence in Oyo and others.

The SDP flag bearer advocated robust system in Nigeria, in lieu of signing Peace Accord, where cases of violence during elections will be effectively addressed.

“Signing Peace Accord before international officers, to me, isn’t good enough. In fact, I feel that is ineffective if cases of violence continue unaddressed. To me, I will prefer a dignified system in Nigeria where such cases are effectively handled. We should learn a process where public officials will learn to be responsible”, Adebayo concluded.

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