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SDP Presidential Candidate Denies Alliance With APC

SDP Presidential Candidate Denies Alliance With APC

Prince Adewole Adeboye, the Social Democratic Party's (SDP) Presidential Candidate, has denied plans for an alliance with the ruling All Progressives Congress ( APC)

The flamboyant presidential candidate, who has kept a level head throughout his campaign, called the news of his planned alliance with the APC "fake news" on Wednesday.

Prince Adewole insisted that the SDP will not resign for any political party, claiming that both the APC and the PDP are unprogressive.

According to him “It is fake news. This is not from the SDP. We will never be part of such an antipeople, unprogressive alliance. APC is definitely ruled out. We will never step down for or be in alliance with APC or PDP. SDP will contest the election till the end. We are working for victory. We are reaching out to the grassroots”

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