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SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo Woos Obasanjo, Wants Him To Dump Obi


SDP Presidential Candidate, Adebayo Woos Obasanjo, Wants Him To Dump Obi

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo, met with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in an attempt to persuade him to abandon his support for Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

On Saturday, Prince Adebayo visited Obasanjo at his home in Abeokuta.

Following the closed-door meeting, Prince Adebayo told journalists that one of his goals was to persuade Obasanjo to support his presidential bid.

“About the endorsement of Peter Obi by Obasanjo, Baba is also a Nigerian, a free person who has the right to his mind. The election is still far.

“The essence of democracy is getting people to change their minds and it is a continuous exercise,” he said.

In a New Year's Day open letter, Obasanjo endorsed Mr Obi of the Labour Party's candidacy.

Anthony Ojeshina, the party's governorship candidate in Ogun State, accompanied Prince Adebayo on his visit to the former president.

Obasanjo, according to the candidate, is respected by all Nigerians. He stated that he and the former president discussed the growth of his party, the SDP.

“Our discussion with him is basically about to make our party more stronger and we are at right direction. Baba is of the view that the solution to Nigeria’s problems will not come from the old parties, will come from the new parties.”

Obasanjo, according to Prince Adebayo, only gave him a general response.

“He said we should do our best, wish us well and he will give us assistance as given to any other person both in Nigeria and outside.”

“Our purpose is to come to Ogun State to do rally for our party, to see the traditional rulers and we can’t come here without seeing Baba Obasanjo. We always gain from him because we learn a lot about governance, about how Baba is still working hard and we are more encouraged that we are on the right path,” he said.

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