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2023 ELECTION CAMPAIGN: SDP Presidential Candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo Seeks Support of Igbos


2023 ELECTION CAMPAIGN: SDP Presidential Candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo Seeks Support of Igbos

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, has sought Igbo support for his presidential bid.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Prince Adewole Adebayo spoke at the Igbo Cultural Gathering in Abuja to celebrate the new yam festival.

He stated that anything having to do with Nigeria has to do with Ndigbo, and for those who know history, every stage in Nigeria's development involves the pioneering experts of the Igbo people.

He said, “We have been colonies in West Africa for many years but Nigeria did not become Nigeria until Alaigbo became part of Nigeria that's when we had Nigeria”. 

“I am saying all of these because where I am standing today is igbo land because anywhere you see commerce, you see prosperity, you see development, you see unity, you find Igbo there.”

He reaffirmed the SDP's commitment to always speak the truth and bring justice to the people, adding that the party has many beautiful plans for Nigeria.

“I plead with you that you should have confidence in Nigeria, a new Nigeria will come where we will not have to protest before we get our rights in Nigeria. A new Nigeria will come where our government will not be our enemy. A new Nigeria will come where we can go out every day of the week to do our business, we will not be doing stay at home, but that will be based on truth and Social Democratic Party will give you that”.

Former Youths and Sports Development Minister Solomon Dalung, who accompanied Prince Adebayo, urged Igbos to support the SDP candidate.

“The highest stake holder in Nigeria is an igbo man because the igbos are the true Nigerians because they go to anywhere and they go to everywhere and if Nigeria is bad, the first casualty is an Igbo man; therefore it is important that the Igbos develop interest on who becomes president in Nigeria. 

“2023 is very critical and the choice of the Nigeria president must be determined by our igbo brothers. Support my candidate, a young, vibrant and energetic youth Adewole Adebayo of the Social Democratic Party for president 2023.”

Sen. Ugochukwu Uba, honorable minister Solomon Dalung, Prof Femi Olufunmilade, and Chief Godwin Osigbeme were among those accompanying Prince Adebayo.

His Royal Highness, Igwe Dr. Egenti (MON), the Igwe of the Igbo Community in the FCT and the Diaspora, as well as representatives from the LP and APC, were also present at the event.

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