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"Benin girls are not fun, they complain a lot”... Speed Darlington says as he Shares his recent Sex Experience in Abuja (Video)

 Speed Darlington has taken to his social media handle on instagram to share his recent Sex experience with a Benin girl.

The song rapper said the Benin girl he spent the night with on his recent trip to Abuja complained throughout the night making him use two condoms instead of one without ejaculating still.

Narrating the incident, the rapper said that he had two girls during his recent visit and two girls during his second visit as well.

Speed Darlington further said that the two girls were from Hausa and Benin respectively, adding that the Hausa girl gave him a nice treat while the Benin girl complained throughout making him give her one-third of their agreement.

On the part of the Hausa girl, he said he had to cut off with her because she smokes crack.

He concluded by saying that " Benin girls are not fun, they complain a lot”. 

Watch Video below 👇

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