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Someone I fed and clothed arranged my kidnapping - Rivers businessman Narrates How he was kidnapped by a close friend

 Rivers state businessman ,Alex Arthur, kidnapped by a close friend has narrated how he someone he fed, clothed and assisted arranged his kidnap.

Narrating the incident to "The Nation", Alex said he was kidnapped by two armed guys while coming back from gym on september 8. 

He said: "Someone I fed and clothed arranged my kidnapping".

He further stated that the boys took him to an unknown place around Oyibo where they demand about 1.5m ransom. knowing that he can't afford it, they brought him back to his home, collected valuables including his television, cell phone and car.

However, they have been tracked by police through his cellphone. 

Alex also said that the boys confessed that it was his friend whom he met back then in his residence, looking unkempt that arranged his kidnap. And this is someone he barely know. He said“I felt heartbroken that Someone I was Assisting to get on his feet turned around to kill me".

Look Well Before You Assist!!

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